Jul 7, 2024


This week I read:

Roleplaying Games

The Halls of Arden Vul

I finish every session of Arden Vul thinking that, despite the progress the players made, they’ve somehow, yet again, ended up with more new questions than answers. And this week’s session was no different: realising that they were having a hard time putting together a timeline of Arden Vul just from exploring the place, they spent some time in the troll court asking questions. They got some answers, sure, but those answers have just led to more questions.

Next week they plan to check out the mysterious “beacon” that they managed to open up a couple of sessions back. I am very excited for this, it’s a mystery they came across in the very first session (there’s an obelisk just inside the city gates with an inscription referring to the beacon) and now, 50 sessions later, they will finally learn the truth…

The One Ring

This week, after two sessions, we finished the short dungeon one of the players had made. Next up is The One Ring! I’ve got a rough outline of a first adventure and have been preparing for session 0, which will be on Friday the 12th. After the session 0 I’ll tune things for the characters and think about seeds I can plant for a second adventure. This will be the first totally homebrew campaign I’ve ran in a while, it’ll be fun.

We’re going to play with the same tech stack as Arden Vul: Miro, Google Sheets, and a Discord dice bot. I checked out the Foundry system for The One Ring but it seems to have some bugs, and is a little clunky in parts, so we’ll just do it the low-tech way.


Once again, it is a new anime season. I haven’t really gone through everything yet, but no doubt I’ll pick up two or three shows.