Jun 23, 2024


This week I read:

Roleplaying Games

The Halls of Arden Vul

This week the players dealt with a guardian monster they’d left hanging around for a few sessions, and found more ancient coinage than they could carry. Not sure how to deal with this vast horde of wealth, they paid a bunch of goblins a few hundred gold to keep an eye on it, and moved enough of it to a secure location to level up a few characters. There’s still over 200,000 coins left behind, though. And a cool statue.

The life of an adventurer in Arden Vul! Sometimes you’re a penniless beggar, all your treasure taken by the dragon; sometimes it’s as if you’re blessed by Lucreon himself!

Next week the players are off to avenge some of their fallen comrades, recover lost magic items, and then finally return to the mysterious location they refer to as the “spaceship” armed with a Comprehend Languages spell.

I’ll need to review the alien material…


We decided to give up on Starforged this week. We just weren’t really clicking with the system, we were doing a lot of rolling with very little narrative between rolls—which, funnily enough, is exactly the criticism that traditional games without narrative mechanics get; but we never really had that problem until we played a game with narrative mechanics!

One of the players is going to run us through a short dungeon, using Old School Essentials, over the next couple of sessions. Then I’m taking over to run a short campaign of The One Ring, which caught my eye recently. Another player wants to run a Troika campaign, so in principle I’ll yield to them at some point… but they’ve wanted to run this Troika game for years and never felt ready, despite our encouragement, so I’m not really holding my breath.

I’m glad we tried Starforged, but it wasn’t for us.