Feb 18, 2024



This week I read:

Roleplaying Games


This week we finished off Act 1 and did Act 2 of the Destroyer of Worlds scenario. It went pretty well, I kept the pace up to keep it fun and to keep the players feeling slightly off balance, like they were losing control of the situation (which they were). I skipped over most of the Act 2 content, since I think it’s the weakest part of the scenario, and we ended with the PCs approaching Fort Nebraska (along with a few marine NPCs they adopted along the way) desperate to find some way to access the space elevator and get the hell off this colony.

Two PCs have died so far, and two more are infected. They’ll pop at appropriately dramatic moments next session. It’ll be fun!

bookdb (& bookmarks)

I’ve finished my rewrite of bookdb in Rust and, for good measure, I rewrote bookmarks in Rust over Friday too. bookmarks was actually the simpler of the two, surprisingly.

Here are some thoughts:

On the whole, I think the non-web parts (interacting with Elasticsearch, modelling domain objects) is better in Rust. But the web parts were better in Python. Though, all the frustrations with the web parts are based on one web framework (actix-web) and one templating library (tera), I didn’t really look for alternatives that I might like better.

Software engineering