Jan 7, 2024


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Roleplaying Games

The Halls of Arden Vul

First session of 2024, and it was a doozy. Accompanied by a band of goblins, the players finally opened the big doors they found way back in session 15 (September last year), and found their way into the goblin warrens. Well, not only did they find their way into the goblin warrens, they gave the goblins a brand new, direct, route to the surface which doesn’t pass through the territory of any other faction.

The goblins are going to love this, the humans of the surface not so much.

We spent almost the entire session just exploring the goblin warrens and talking to people there, including a band of NPC adventurers the party had met before. So the players have got some new information, the potential friendship of the goblins (if they don’t mess things up), and a direct route to the middle levels of the dungeon.


nyarlathotep lives again! With a new CPU, motherboard, and case, it is working better than ever before. I don’t really need such a powerful machine as my home server, but it’s certainly nice to have it.

I am definitely glad to have my DNS adblocking back, I’d forgotten how awful browsing the internet on a phone was without it.

In other news, it’s a new anime season again. Unfortunately, there’s really not much that catches my eye. There’s Dungeon Meshi, of course, but other than that I think I’ll just give it a miss.