Dec 10, 2023


This week I read:

Roleplaying Games

The Halls of Arden Vul

We had our very first PC deaths this week, after 26 sessions of play. The party had an unfortunate encounter with a pack of ghouls in a room under an anti-magic effect, which rendered most of their good equipment inert. There were also some unlucky dice rolls, with a couple of characters succumbing to the ghouls’ paralysing attacks in the first round of the combat. The remaining party members had to leave their paralysed companions (and their magical equipment) behind and make their escape while they still could.

So we lost two PCs, one retainer, and a lot of good gear. But two long-suffering retainers have been promoted to PC status, two new retainers have been hired, and the players are drawing up plans for how to reclaim the sizeable treasure horde they’ve inadvertently created.

Though, before they mount an expedition to do that, they’re going to go follow up on some other leads they have, doing something totally different for a while to clear their heads and to find some more loot.

Adventurers clearing out monsters to recover treasure, only to in turn be killed by new monsters and deposit their treasure elsewhere is all part of the dungeon’s circle of life.

Advent of Code

I’m still at it, though I’ve skipped part 2 for a few days. Let’s see how much longer I stick with it, though day 15 or so is usually around when I get bored and stop.