Jun 11, 2023


No books this week! It was hot and sweaty and I spent the whole time laying around.

Roleplaying Games

The Halls of Arden Vul

This week two new players joined: one from my Dolmenwood group, and one who dropped out for a month when the last Traveller campaign ended. So now we’re back up to three, excellent! It’s not four, which would be even better, but it’s a damn sight better than one player running a whole party.

The players went back to town to sort out some more stuff there (seems we’ve had a lot of town sessions so far) but then finally delved into the secret entrance they found in a guard tower in the ruined city. They ended up discovering the uppermost landing of the troll lifts on level 5, and we ended the session with them descending to the arena on level 6.

So far the players have been under the impression that Arden Vul is a dead place full of mostly unintelligent monsters. But it’s about to get weird.


Well, we’re back in the hot time of year, it’s surpassed 30C indoors today and yesterday. I think next week I’ll probably be working from my bedroom quite a lot, since that’s got the AC unit; I really don’t want to carry it down and up the stairs over the course of the day, since it’s heavy, bulky, and expensive. But it may end up coming to that.