Oct 30, 2022


This week I read:

Roleplaying Games

The Haul

This month’s haul of RPG books has all arrived: mostly OSR, a book of fictional mushrooms, and one Call of Cthulhu scenario. I also picked up a bunch of PDFs from the DriveThruRPG Halloween sale. I’ve got:

And there you have it. This month’s haul of books. I’m definitely not going to get to use all these in the near future, but I want to at some point, and even if I never run these things as written, just reading them is a good source of inspiration (or so I keep telling my budget).


I’ve still been playing around with Phoenix a bit this week. I think I’ve got everything needed for a basic anime / movie / TV tracking site (which isn’t a very complex thing, really), including a not-terrible UI, so I guess I need to decide if I’m really going ahead with this and—if so—begin the data entry.

  1. Review of Rackham Vale by Questing Beast.↩︎

  2. Review of Fungi of the Far Realms by Questing Beast.↩︎

  3. Review of Longwinter by Questing Beast.↩︎

  4. Review of The Stygian Library by The Alexandrian.↩︎

  5. Review of Where the Wheat Grows Tall by Yochai Gal.↩︎

  6. Review of Witchburner by Questing Beast.↩︎

  7. Review of Viral by Seth Skorkowsky.↩︎