Aug 14, 2022


No books this week.

Roleplaying Games

This week I ran a couple of one-shots: Winter’s Daughter for Old School Essentials, and The Haunting for Call of Cthulhu.

I’ve run Winter’s Daughter a few times now, so that was easy to run with no prep (and went well, other than one character dying the instant they set foot in the dungeon due to an animated crucifix embedding itself in their skull), but I’d not run (or even read) The Haunting before.

But it’s a very simple scenario, and well laid out in the special edition 40th anniversary Keeper’s Guide, so I was able to not only run it, but also convert it on the fly to a modern day setting after a single quick read-through, I see why it’s the standard introductory scenario.

All went well, it was a lot of fun, and things never go how you expect—even after running the scenario several times previously.


This week I was visiting family: my dad and his partner of several years got married. So I took Wednesday through Friday off work, and spent that back in Hull staying over at my brother’s place.

It was nice, although incredibly hot, and the AC was broken in both trains for my 3 hour journey home today…