Jul 3, 2022



Since I never have much to write in this section, now that my work is closed-source, I think I’m going to drop this section as a regular feature going forwards. If there’s something big to say, I can always bring it back for a one-off.


This week I read:

Roleplaying Games

New Arrivals

This week I got the Hot Springs Island books:

The Dark of Hot Springs Island & A Field Guide to Hot Springs Island.

Luckily, I was in time to get the second edition before it runs out and they switch to the new (much more generic-looking) third edition cover. I’ve only flipped through it so far, but it looks good. I might run this if I start a second fantasy game before my Dolmenwood game ends: running the same setting in two games concurrently feels like it could be confusing.

I now own the three big OSR original settings: Wormskin / Dolmenwood, Yoon-Suin, and Hot Springs Island.


We had the first real session this weekend, the previous session being character creation and a bit of setting introduction. We started the session with the party arriving in the town of Prigwort, a sizeable settlement in the centre of Dolmenwood, and overhearing a bunch of rumours as well as getting involved with some NPCs. A lot happened!

It was a pretty fast-paced session, it wasn’t action all the time, but there wasn’t much in the way of downtime either. One character, the minstrel, almost died (and would have if Mr Rag-and-bone had rolled higher for his attack)—a character near-death in the first session, wow!

I’m very much looking forward to the next session, in which the party plan to go to a herbalist to ask about the minstrel’s condition (it’s not good, there will only be two avenues open to them, both of which will lead to further adventure), and to visit the noblewoman to say they found her daughter and can they have a force of knights to rescue her please. And I’ll also seed some more hooks whenever I can, I definitely want some pointers to more interesting NPCs and locations, and to start Winter’s Daughter, which I recently ran for my other group using the Forbidden Lands system.

I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the 3d6 Down the Line Dolmenwood series on Youtube, which is a great series for getting into the setting and the OSE system more generally.


We’re on the verge of the new anime season, and there’s a lot of stuff I’m interested in checking out: Devil is a Part-Timer! season 2 (that getting announced was a surprise, you don’t often see a sequel 10 years after the original), Overlord season 4 (I just hope the animation is better than season 3), Made in Abyss season 2, Shadows House season 2, Luminous Witches, and more!

It’s a very promising line-up, definitely one of the better seasons in recent memory.

Roleplaying games


  1. Not that going in blind is needed to enjoy a story, of course. I’m a firm believer that it’s about the journey, not the destination, and that if a story only works if you fastidiously avoid spoilers, deriving all of its quality from surprise, it’s probably not a very good story.↩︎