May 29, 2022


Another week.

My manager asked me to think about what I want from my career, and after a few days of thought I came up with the answer “ultimately, to not have one.” Work is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself: it has to be interesting (since it takes up a lot of time), and has to provide enough income and time off that I can live a comfortable life and enjoy my hobbies, but ideally I will retire early and then be able to do whatever I want 24/7. I don’t dream of labour.


This week I read:

Roleplaying Games

This week I tried out Forbidden Lands. I ran the beginning of Winter’s Daughter, a Dolmenwood adventure written for Old School Essentials. The next session is in two weeks time.

There was the usual amount of rule-misunderstanding and book-consulting that any first session with a new system has. First impressions are alright, though two things stood out to me:

Furthermore, since I was converting OSE material to FL, I had to think about prices when the characters went shopping. Fortunately, for almost everything, the OSE price is just ten times the FL price, so conversion was simple. Except for animals and vehicles, which are far cheaper in the FL rules, being more like a third of the price of the equivalent OSE animals (after resolving the 10x factor). I need to look into the rules more closely to see if there’s some difference I haven’t spotted. Maybe animals are just cheap in the FL setting.

Next session we’ll get into some dungeoncrawling and combat, so we’ll be exercising some very different mechanics. I’m interested to see what that side of the game feels like.

Overall, it was ok. Too early to judge how it would fare in campaign play.