May 1, 2022



It’s hard to know what to write in this section when it’s all closed-source now. This week I finished off an implementation plan for some scalability work we want to do, and began working through it.


This week I read:


As mentioned last week, I’ve finally got into sourdough. My starter is healthy, and I’ve made my first loaf of bread. It turned out really well: it rose better than my bread usually does and, while the sour taste isn’t particularly strong, it is noticeable.

I made the bread with a mixture of rye flour and wholegrain flour. I want to try it with some white flour next, to compare. I think the sourness will be more noticeable in white bread, as the bread itself has a weaker flavour. I’m also going to experiment a little with baking times and temperatures. The recipe I’ve been using calls for baking at 250C, but I’ve seen a few similar recipes this week which called for 180C and more time.

Lots of Traveller links this week: