Mar 13, 2022


I started my new job at GoCardless on Tuesday.

I’ve never worked in finance before, and their infrastructure is built on Kubernetes, which I only have a basic knowledge of, but most of the code is Rails, which I’ve been using for years now at GDS. Of course, every project using a particular framework does so in its own idiosyncratic way, but there tend to be more similarities than differences.

So some things are new, other things are not so new.

My team seems nice, and owns some of the core components which the rest of the business depend on. It’s satisfying to work on something big and important.

I basically spent this week reading documentation and running through the technical onboarding. I’ve got some more business-focussed onboarding sessions next week, but I’m hoping to start contributing code as well. I much prefer to dive straight in and learn by doing over just reading and shadowing.

I’ll still be mostly working from home, which is great. Everyone on the team tries to come into the office on Wednesdays, but other than that it’s up to whatever you feel like.

Since this all is now closed-source private sector work, I’m not entirely sure what the future of this section of my weeknotes holds. It’ll certainly be more general, and maybe it’ll be more focussed on big-picture career things than the day-to-day.


This week I read:


Not that much progress on my DNS server this week. I did make one big decision though: I decided to bring authoritative zones into scope. Previously I’d decided that static records were enough, but I think that properly supporting zones will be easier in the long run.

I’m not yet running resolved for my LAN DNS. But I’m close now. Before I switch that on I want to:

Nearly there now.

I also wrote a memo on how the cache works, which got featured in This Week in Rust 433.

Code wise, I merged two PRs:

And I opened the following new issues: