Feb 20, 2022


This week I read:

I did some pruning of my nonfiction, deciding to donate, recycle, or otherwise get rid of, a few books which I’ve had for years, never read, and never will read. I don’t habitually get rid of books (see my perpetual need for more shelf space), but if I’m not going to read something even once, and not even use it for reference material, there’s not much point in keeping it.


A whole week off. It passed quickly and slowly at the same time. What did I do with it? I don’t really know.

I read some books.

I slept in a lot.

I upgraded bookdb and bookmarks to Elasticsearch 8 (which was pretty easy: I upgraded the servers to 7.17, then the client libraries to 8.0, then the servers to 8.0 and changed a config option which had a different default value in 8.0; no complex migration or anything needed).

A friend started a new Minecraft server which I’ve been poking around on.

And that’s about all I can remember.

Time has definitely become more fuzzy, but that’s ok. A rigid schedule is overrated: eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, read or play when the mood strikes, and so on.