Jan 23, 2022


This week I handed over my tech lead responsibilities to another developer on the team, and it was pretty nice being able to remove a lot of meetings from my calendar.

To facilitate knowledge-sharing, I’m trying to pair by default on tasks I pick up, so I also spent a lot of time in hangouts (or the Slack equivalent, huddles). Voice calls are much less tiring than video calls.

I’ve only got two and a half weeks left at GDS now, I’ll have to figure out how to spend my month off before I waste it all.


This week I read:


I got a new phone this week, it’s a Google Pixel 6. It doesn’t have an expanding battery pushing off the screen, and it runs the Starling app without lagging, so it’s already an improvement on my old phone.

Unfortunately, the nearest electronics recycling place looks to be miles away, so properly disposing of the old one will be a bit of an ordeal.