Jan 2, 2022


Three days of work this week, in which I got almost nothing done. I should have just taken them off as well.


No books this week.


It’s a new year. Last week I visited family, this week I’ve been back in my flat, mostly relaxing.

I bought some more teas. This is the first time since September, as I’ve been working through some of the ones I like, but not as much as others, and which had lingered in the cupboard for several months. Those are mostly gone now, and the particularly good teas have been gone much longer, so I definitely needed to resupply. I picked up 250g each of China Yunnan Golden Tippy Black Tea, Nepal Golden Snail Black Tea, Taiwan “Charcoal Roasted” Oolong Tea, Malawi Leafy Ripe Dark Tea, and India Darjeeling 2nd Flush “Japonica Muscatel” Black Tea. I’ve not had that particular darjeeling before, but I’m not much of a darjeeling connoisseur: it’s all good.

I also bought a new phone, at long last, which will be arriving in a few weeks time. I went for the new Google Pixel 6, because I saw an advert for it. I don’t really care about my phone enough to do any actual research into options, I just need something before my current one inevitably explodes (it’s been slowly swelling, pushing the screen off, for about two years now, and lately the battery has been struggling to hold a charge). This will be my second smartphone ever, so I guess I’ll have to learn how to transfer contacts and suchlike between Android devices.

The end of the year is a bit of a failure point for my self organisation system, as my weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual chores all become due at once. Thankfully the end of the year also tends to be pretty quiet, so there’s time to work through everything. It’s not really the new year until I rotate my journal files.

I have a few things on my list to get done over the coming weeks, which I’m sure I’ll talk about in one of these posts but, for this week at least, I’ve been taking it easy.