Nov 7, 2021


This week felt fairly relaxed. Last week we launched the Digital Identity integration, which had caused a flurry of activity and some last-minute fixes, whereas this week was a bit more calm: monitoring, fixing things, making improvements, switching the old things off.

We’ve also been working on bringing notifications into the account, and hope to launch that next week.


This week I read:


This week the Traveller campaign I’m a player in (as opposed to the Traveller campaign I’m running) ended. We were all killed horribly in some unpleasant hole in the ground, and decided to end it there rather than make fresh characters.

In its place, I’ve volunteered to run a short campaign of Ars Magica for the group. It’s a game I’ve really wanted to play for years, and a short campaign (10 or so sessions) is a good way to try it out. If we all like it and want to continue we can… but my condition will be that at least one other person steps up to run the game with me, so I can play as well. Having multiple GMs who run different parts of the story is the traditional way to play Ars Magica, after all.

So I’ve spent the last few days studying the rulebook, making some personal cheatsheets, and before the first session on Tuesday I’ll run through character creation a few times.