Oct 31, 2021


At long last, we launched the thing.

This week we switched over our production auth service to Digital Identity, migrated over the users, and everything seems to be working fine.

Migrating the users involved all of the OIDC subject identifiers changing, which was a bit of a risk, but we worked around that by preserving a user’s old subject identifier as a custom claim available in the userinfo, and having some logic on our end to check for old identifiers and update our database as users log in. And that seems to be working just fine.

So now it’s full steam ahead on bringing email notifications into the account!


This week I’ve been reading the Space Trilogy by C. S. Lewis. Each story is about twice the length of the previous one, so I’m thankful he only wrote three of them. I’m two stories in so far and they’re pretty good, I’m looking forward to the next one.

Surprisingly (to me at least), he wrote this years before Narnia.

RPG Blog

This week I wrote a post on my first rumour table, which I made for my Traveller campaign.


This week I’ve spent a bunch of time playing Rise to Ruins and Audiosurf 2. I’ve had these games for years, I’m still pretty bad at them, but there’s just something about them which keeps me coming back every few months or so.

Runescape and Guild Wars 2 used to be my regular computer games, but I think I’ve finally lost interest in MMOs.