Aug 29, 2021


This week I was still on support on Monday and Tuesday, and returned to the team on Wednesday. I was able to work through some of the integration with our new auth service, noting down issues with the documentation and other problems and points of confusion which occurred to me, but on the whole things are going well.

The other backend developer on the team is now off for two weeks, so things will be a bit slower. I’ll spend the time getting the auth integration done and looking for other areas of improvement.


No books this week.



First real session of Traveller this week, and it was interesting. Playing with a different GM is a good way to broaden your horizons: for example, in this group, conversation between the players is assumed to have some in-character manifestation; whereas in my other two groups, the players often talk amongst themselves a lot, which can bog the pace of the game down. I’d been considering imposing a rule like this, so it was good to see some examples of it being done.

It’s also been good to get to grips with the Traveller rules from a player’s perspective, as there have been things I had misunderstood or forgotten, and it made me rethink the importance of adding a ship sheet to my custom Traveller character sheet for Roll20.


A friend set up a Minecraft 1.17.1 server, so I’ve been playing around with that. I’ve not really looked at Minecraft much since before the Nether update, which came out over a year ago; so there’s a bunch of new stuff.

Though, in a way, it feels a bit of a shame to be playing now, as it looks like 1.18 will have big changes to world generation, and of course an existing world will need to be thrown away (or we’ll all need to move beyond the current chunks, which is effectively the same thing) to get the new bits.