Jun 6, 2021


This week I made another caching change to reduce latency, got rid of an unnecessary redirect, did some more work on saving pages, and then switched to ripping out a few prototype features and implementing “real” replacements (which’ll be the focus of next week too):

Maybe in the future we’ll have a greater connection between GOV.UK email subscriptions and GOV.UK accounts: for example, being able to log in with a password (rather than a magic link) to manage your subscriptions, or having your subscriptions follow you if you change the email address of your account.


This week I read:


This week marked the end of the England chapter of my Call of Cthulhu campaign. The party disrupted a giant cult ritual in rural Essex. A police zeppelin was involved. The zeppelin was ripped open by giant flying monsters. It subsequently blew up. Very pulpy.

Next time we’ll be having a one-shot of Godbound, so I can have some fun running a throw-away high-level fantasy adventure.

RPG Blog

This week I published a review of Izirion’s Enchiridion of the West Marches, a sourcebook for West Marches style play I kickstarted earlier this year.