May 2, 2021


I tried planning my week. I scribbled down on my whiteboard between one and four bullet points for every day, of things I wanted done by then. It worked pretty well: I got everything done, and it was satisfying to check things off.

This week I finished off the healthcheck work I started last week, helped out with our regular ITHC1, and continued pluging away with the implementation of levels of authentication. We’ve shifted to two-week sprints, because there was always stuff left over at the end of the sprint, so we’ve got until the end of next week to finish off the few remaining cards for that work.


This week I read:


A new player joined my Call of Cthulhu game, and as a result we moved the session to Thursdays. So now, for the first time in over a year, I have free Sundays. I’m already in talks to start another group in that slot.

RPG Blog

This week I published a new post on random tables.

The 1d12 + 1d8 table is commonly used for random encounters, because it gives a nonuniform distribution where some outcomes are more likely than others. But why stick to that? By rolling one of the dice with advantage or disadvantage, you get a very different distribution, and can make one table work in many situations.

  1. Pentest.↩︎