Mar 28, 2021



It’s been a fairly quiet week. I’ve been on support since Wednesday, and all I really got done for the team before that was finishing off the Pact testing I’d started. So now we can enable continuous deployment for our app, yay.

Nothing major has happened on support, other than the mimemagic gem being yanked from RubyGems and being replaced with a GPL’d version. Then that version got yanked. And replaced with a version which had a bug and crashed on start-up. And the maintainer blocked new contributors so I couldn’t report the issue. But eventually we were able to upgrade all our apps to a version with the fix which is MIT licensed.

And now a new version of Rails has been released dropping mimemagic entirely.


This week I read:


My utility bills rose a few months ago, and rose again when I submitted my latest readings a few days ago. I went back through my bills and plotted the meter readings on a graph: I’ve used as much gas in the previous 3 months as I did in the 6 months before that!

Maybe my flat doesn’t need to be at 22.5C all the time…

I think I’ll take weekly readings, rather than quarterly, for a while as I try to bring my usage back down.

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