Nov 22, 2020


This week didn’t feel very productive for me; but the last few weeks have been pretty busy so I guess that’s ok. We’re shifting a bit from “building the prototype” mode into “maintaining the service” mode, though we’re far from the end of the experiments we want to do.


This week I read:


This week I finished The Disintegrator, the Pulp Cthulhu one-shot I ran for my Wolves of God group. It went well, but I really need to get better at time estimates. It took two four-hour sessions, but I initially thought I’d get the whole thing done in one.


This past week and a half has been a nightmare for computer issues.

Last week I got a new NZXT computer case and cooler, moved the internals over, and immediately started to have problems with Windows having graphical glitches and freezing after a few hours of use. So…

So I’m pretty sure it’s the NZXT CAM software. It fits the timing. It explains why I’ve only seen freezes in Windows and not Linux. But it doesn’t explain why my NVMe drive and RAM suddenly became unhealthy; I guess they could be an unrelated failure, or maybe I zapped something with static electricity when moving to the new case.

I thought about putting the old cooler back on, but the new one works fine without the CAM software. So it’s a bit annoying but not too much of a problem.

At some point though I’ll have to replace the motherboard, as one of the RAM slots definitely seems busted.