Nov 8, 2020



The thing has launched! From the transition checker you can now opt to store your results in an account, which’ll also manage your email subscription for you (updating the subscription if you save new answers, deleting the subscription if you delete your account).

It’s only a small part of where we want accounts to go, but it’s a useful little thing to put live as we can start to see where the pain points around signing up and account management are.

The code has been made public too:


This week I read:


This week I started to run a Pulp Cthulhu one-shot for my other group, as we’re having a break from our Wolves of God game until January due to player availability. I thought we’d get through the full scenario in one session, but we didn’t, so we’ll be continuing it in a fortnight.

It’s very helpful to run games for different people, even if they’re a group I’ve GMed for before, because every group of players engages with the game in a different way.