Aug 16, 2020


I needed to put together a fake government service to demo something to the team, so I whipped out the old “Apply for a Barking Permit”, which we used in the GDS Learn to Code sessions several months ago (back in the before times, when people would visit the office):

Screenshot of the service, showing one previous application in the state “observing good boys”.

I think it went down pretty well.

We had a meeting to discuss a roadmap for launching some sort of public demo and to discuss exactly what sort of features we needed designed and implemented for that. I think that’s a good step forward, as we were somewhat languishing in the state of design and development being totally decoupled, with developers wanting to get on with implementing things but designers wanting to spend lots of time researching and testing things.

With some more concrete dates in mind, hopefully things will get moving.


This week I read:

I’ve read 60 books in total so far this year, and we’re now at the end of week number 33. I aim to catch up, and finish at least 104 books this year if I can.


I’d been toying with the idea of running a Traveller one-shot after the current arc of my Call of Cthulhu campaign, after having seen Seth Skorkowsky’s youtube series on it. I put the question to my players after our D&D session, and they’re all up for it. So we’ll be playing that in about three weeks.