Aug 2, 2020


I’m still trying to get the hang of figuring out how much technical work will get done in a sprint, I find I over- or under-estimate it every time. Though, we’re not really working in sprints, in that the end of a sprint isn’t anything significant at all—we’re not shipping a new version, giving a demo, or anything like that—it just marks when our regular planning meeting is. At least for the development work. User research and design work do seem to be moving on a much more regular cadence.

I find my natural approach to technical work is more like kanban, where there’s a roughly prioritised backlog which people just pull work from when they need a new task. I’m yet to be really convinced of the benefit of sprints.

In terms of what we actually worked on this week, that’s perhaps not too exciting without knowing details which I can’t share yet. But I hope I’ll be able to reveal more concrete information (and start linking to GitHub repositories) some time this month. No promises though.


This week I read: