May 31, 2020


On Wednesday I started in my new tech lead position. I spent that and much of Thursday and Friday having meetings, reading documentation, and thinking about what specifically we’ll be doing. It’s a new area for all the devs on the team, including me, so there’ll be a lot of learning for all of us.

Funnily enough, I feel that running RPG sessions for two years has helped prepare me for this, as it’s given me lots of practice of running meetings.

I’m looking forward to when we start to implement the prototype, as then I’ll be able to link out to repositories from this section and talk about the work more openly.


On the one hand, my decision to read 100 pages a day is going poorly, because on a few days I didn’t felt like reading at all. On the other hand it’s going very well because I’ve read about 1400 pages this week.

This week I’ve read:


My Call of Cthulhu game is going well. Not having a pre-written module to follow makes prep pretty difficult, because Call of Cthulhu is an investigation game, so I need to make sure I’m giving clues and hints beyond just the immediate situation they’re in. Fortunately, my players don’t see that behind the scenes the story is held together with spit and glue.

It is getting easier though.


Today marks the end of my second year using Trello as a to-do list: in that time I’ve completed 803 tasks, including finishing my Ph.D thesis. It’s hard to imagine going back to my previous approach of just scribbling things down on bits of paper, having everything in one place is so much nicer.