May 10, 2020


What have I done this week? Looking at the team Trello board, it mostly looks like smaller things which, surely, didn’t take a whole week to do. But I guess we all have weeks like that sometimes.

I’ve taken next week off work so, together with the VE day bank holiday, I’ve got a 10-day break.

The Plague

No news. Does that mean it’s good news?


This week I read Assassin’s Apprentice, by Robin Hobb, and started on Neuromancer, by William Gibson. I got through Assassin’s Apprentice in a day, it was a nice straightforward story. I’ll be getting the other Farseer books at some point.

I got some new books too:

I also rewrote bookdb, fixing a few annoyances with the old version and improving the UI for adding and editing books quite a lot.

In my free time next week, I’m planning to finally get around to reviewing a bunch of lists of book recommendations I’ve got bookmarked (including the Fantasy Masterworks and SF Masterworks catalogues).