Apr 26, 2020


It’s been a quiet week. I was still on support for Monday and Tuesday, which was fairly relaxing (makes a nice change). After that I deleted one bunch of code, and rewrote another bunch.

The Plague

Last week I managed to buy flour. This week I did not. Was it only a dream?



This week I read Tau Zero by Poul Anderson, it’s about a bunch of scientists on a mission to another planet, but their ship is damaged and they can’t slow down. So they end up travelling space, slowly succumbing to despair and madness… but there is a happy ending after all.


Apocalypse World and Golden Sky Stories this week. There was a good moment in Apocalypse World where all the players had figured out a sinister mystery… then someone said “hang on, have any of the characters been in enough scenes to know what’s going on?”

“Don’t split the party” is a piece of commonly-given GM advice but, in this game, there have only been three or four times when all the PCs were together. And it seems to be working well.

I started writing up my Golden Sky Stories session notes.