Feb 23, 2020


I was only at work for three days this week, so I worked on getting the RFC implementation in whitehall done and deployed—which revealed an issue with Welsh HTML attachments. Translations in whitehall have all sorts of quirks. But now, if you go to a page with attachments1, details of those attachments are in the content item! And what’s more, I republished all of the pre-existing whitehall content, so the metadata would show up for old documents as well.

There are a few more things to do, but the whitehall implementation was the biggest task. I don’t know if any more will get done while I’m on leave (as this is pretty low-priority work), but I tried to make sure the remaining tasks were well explained.

The rest of the time, when I wasn’t doing RFC work, I was making sure all the stuff which largely resided in my head (eg, how the machine learning automation worked) made sense to other people and had documentation.



I decided to set up a new, more powerful, server to run my dev stuff, rather than running it all on dunwich, which isn’t the most powerful of machines when it’s trying to concurrently do CI/CD stuff, run game servers, and be a general-purpose shell sever.

This week I’ve set up a new server, dreamlands2, with:

  • Git hosting: using Gitea (previously I was using Gitolite).
  • CI/CD: using Concourse.
  • Docker registry: with the standard registry image.

I’ve made all the Concourse pipelines public, and have a little frontend showing job statuses, with Concourse information getting to the frontend via a little Haskell-powered API.

As usual, NixOS config is online, and so is everything else.

I also took the opportunity to set up something I’d been meaning to for a while, a regular build/test of dejafu whenever a new Stackage snapshot comes out:


I finished reading The Two Towers, and started on The Return of the King. I’m still working through The Unicorn Project.

  1. Like the latest (at the time of writing) statistics publication.↩︎

  2. Machine naming convention: local machines are beings (gods, people, etc) in the Cthulhu Mythos, remote machines are places. Dunwich shows up in The Dunwich Horror, the dreamlands show up in a bunch of stories, such as The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.↩︎