Jan 12, 2020


This week I’ve been doing a lot of machine learning stuff with Amazon SageMaker. We’re trying to host the training and deployment of our ML model for ranking search results. It’s been fiddly, but I think I’m almost there: I’ll write up a more detailed blog post when it’s done.


I’ve been reading about the Zettelkasten method for keeping notes. It sounds interesting, and I’d like to give it a try. But first I need to get some index cards. I could do it digitally, but I’ve tried many digital note-taking systems (including these memos), but nothing has really stuck. Maybe an analogue system will work better for me.

Here are some more articles about Zettelkasten and note-taking:

I decided to level up my kitchen abilities, so I bought a few cookbooks:

I’ve been reading the bread book and Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. I made some bread, which went pretty well, but I can see some ways to improve it. I also made some mayonnaise, which was much harder than expected (getting egg yolk to combine with oil is tricky), but worked pretty well. There’s a lot more I want to try, but my first goal is seeing if I can make good enough bread to not need to buy it any more. For that I need to make it more bread-shaped, rather that “squashed football” shape, so I can use it for sandwiches.