Sep 23, 2018

I’ve decided to give writing weeknotes a try. I’ve tried, and failed, to keep a diary multiple times, so we’ll see how this goes. Maybe if I keep this up, the notes will be useful for whenever I go to update my now page.

A lot of what I do is either recorded in a git repository somewhere or on my personal Trello board (I’m planning to write a memo about how I use Trello for self organisation at some point), so when I started on this memo I whipped up this shell function:

# Recent git history, across repositories
function git-history() {
  local since=$1
  for d in *; do
    if [[ -e $d/.git ]]; then
      pushd $d;
      local repo=`printf '%-16s' "$d"`
      git log --since=$since --pretty=format:"${repo:0:16} %ai (%h):  %s" --author='Michael Walker' --all

With this I can run git-history "last week" in my ~/projects directory and get a list of all the commits I’ve made, in the repositories I have locally checked out, in the last week.

I’m not really sure what format to do these in, so for now I’ll go for bullet points grouped by different aspects of my life.